This service is great for the busy individual who does not have time to create a vision board on their own or the person who needs personalized coaching to develop goals.

A vision board is a simple craft project that helps you to reflect on goals you may have or things you may want to manifest in life. To create a vision board you gather pictures, single words or quotes that you would like to adhere to a board. Once created, seeing your board daily helps your brain to align with what you want to attract.

My experience with vision boards began as a college student preparing for my own dreams, continued as I worked with my clients as a counselor to organize their dreams and now as an entrepreneur, to manifest my goals.
What’s included:
  • Video call strategy Q & A session to identify your dreams, goals, passions and purpose. (60 minutes)
  • Shareable goal “map” spreadsheet.
  • PDF Electronic Vision Board for your daily visualization and a "map" that will list suggestions for your daily practices to manifest your goals.
  • Vision Board & Map Review 2 weeks after our initial strategy session to discuss your new Vision Board and how to use it to manifest your dreams, goals, passion and purpose!
    . (60 minutes)