Brain Pick Consulting Session

For the aspiring and established playspace business owner that wants to gain valuable knowledge and have their questions answered based on years of hands-on experience in the indoor PlaySpace industry.

Private Personalized Coaching

For the individual that would like one-on-one mentoring and assistance while building their brand and achieving their business goals. With individualized coaching you will gain clarity and be able to focus on a strategic plan that is unique to your business without distraction.

Group Coaching

For the business owner or aspiring business owner that would like to participate in a member only collaborative group coaching experience.
Group coaching session topics will vary throughout the year.
We will fill spots based on interest list generated throughout the year.


Let us help you create a unique play and learning space in your business, corporate space, urban building or home for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. With years of experience in the business of play, we can help you create an environment that will stimulate learning through playtime.


This service is great for the busy individual who does not have time to create a vision board on their own or the person who needs personalized coaching to develop goals.
A vision board is a simple craft project that helps you to reflect on goals you may have or things you may want to manifest in life. To create a vision board you gather pictures, single words or quotes that you would like to adhere to a board. Once created, seeing your board daily helps your brain to align with what you want to attract.


Let us help you eliminate the stress of managing the digital content at your PlaySpace (or non-playspace business). With PlaySpace specific (or non-playspace specific) Digital Content Management you get the expertise, knowledge base and skill of a former PlaySpace owner who has done it all!
Your Digital Content Management with be tailored to the needs of your business


This is for the business owner that wants a professional review of their playspace website that provides suggestions on how to convert site visitors to paying clients.


This is for the business owner that would like to increase facility efficiency, save money and improve the overall customer experience. We will assist with streamlining your processes to improve company performance and
we will assess your facility, grounds, and equipment, document the findings, and recommend improvements.


This is for the business owner that needs personalized suggestions on how to improve their social media content and tips on how to improve engagement.