Playspace Podcast

When I owned my playspace,  I often wished that there was a resource for me to reference when I had questions. There was so much information out there but nothing specifically related to ownership in the playspace industry. About a year ago,  I met Tammy Nguyen Le online. We were colleagues in a playspace support group created by a former play cafe owner years ago. With the group, we began chatting about the IAAPA conference that would soon be coming to Orlando. We were able to meet in person for the first time at the conference!  We planned a dinner date where we could eat some Orlando eats and discuss our journey as playspace owners.  During that meetup, Tammy and I discussed the idea of creating a podcast where we could share our ideas, our journey and advice about playspace ownership. A few months later, we met up via Zoom to record our first podcast called Playspace Podcast!

You can check out our list of topics by going to our podcast stream or by checking out our youtube page for the podcast.


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