Customer Connections

10 Steps To a Healthier Business - Customer Connections

Today’s consumer has unprecedented access to businesses. From social media posts, to
instant chat windows on websites, to email, to hotlines, customers know they are able to get
their message across to businesses in a quick manner. This access also includes many
different choices. The internet has made the world smaller. I can order a gadget from an online
source easier than it would be for me to get in the car and drive to my local shopping center.
What makes the customer want to visit your business? It’s the connections you can create and
foster among your customer base. Establishing and cultivating these connections can grow your
customer base.
1. Respond to customers in a prompt manner
A customer can post a question to your business social media sites and, in this
environment, they expect a fast response to their question or concern. This can be hard,
because you probably have your cell phone in your hand and see the alert pop up. You
need to develop a way to respond within 24-hours to customer inquiries via phone
messages or electronic messages. What can you do? The first step is to respond to the
customer. You might not have all of the answers but a message like this goes a long
way: “We have read your concern. We appreciate the feedback and someone will
address your concern soon.” This provides you time to respond with detail.
2. Provide excellent customer service
Customers want to have a good experience. Respect your customers. Ask them about
an update on their personal lives. Try to remember names. It is the little things that
customers remember. Customer service is one aspect of business that you truly control.
Have empathy towards your customers. Listen to them. Go the extra mile.
3. Find out about your customers
Short surveys, brief conversations, and your observations allow you to find out about
your customers. This will provide you key feedback and allow customers to understand
that you are always working to provide a better product.
4. Try to get face-to-face time
This can be easier for a brick and mortar business. Face to face conversations really
make an impact and allow for connections. If you are an online business, schedule
meetups or attend conventions that your customers attend. If this is still hard, create
social media clips, YouTube videos, or even an online meetup that gets your face in
front of your customers.
5. Send an email/newsletter that your customers will read
Keeping in contact with your customers is important. You’ll want to send them
information that they can use. Don’t fill your email communication with fluff. Knowing
your customers will help you provide information that they want. Identify content they find
interesting, that intersects with your business, and write about it . Another way to
connect with your communication is to tell stories. This will connect you with your
6. Be authentic
This is very important. Be yourself! Showcase the uniqueness and creativity of your
company whenever you can.

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