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10 Steps to a Healthier Business - Create a Schedule

A schedule is an important part of operating a successful business. For the first challenge, take time to create a schedule. Creating a schedule does not need to be complicated. Simplify your schedule by using these 5 simple steps.

1.) Identify your task
In this step, you are simply creating a list of task that you would like to complete. This list should not be in any specific order or have any priority. Your goal here is to get all of those things that you have in your brain or written in random places, in one place.

2. Identify available time
Now that you have your list, it’s time for you to identify when you would like to complete these task. Are these task to be completed within the month, within a certain week or on a certain day. Are these task recurring or are they one time task? This step can be broken down based on a individual days or hourly increments within a certain day. For example: each day at 9:45 a.m. I check my email or every week, on Monday, I update my staff work schedule.

3.) Categorize your task
Categorizing your task is a great way to simplify your schedule. Now that you know when you need to complete the task, you can assign each task a category. Once you create your category, assign each category a day in which you want the task in that category to be completed. For example: Monday is Bills/ Financial Day, Tuesday is Marketing Day, Wednesday is Party Prep Day.

4.) Set deadlines
Once each category has a certain day assigned to it,  you can pick designated dates and times for each task to be completed.

5.) Eliminate or delegate task
Once you have taken time to organize your schedule, analyze your task and identify items that you can eliminate from your list or that you can delegate to someone else. Delegated items can be outsourced, given to a staff member or a volunteer to complete.

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