Goal Setting

10 Steps To a Healthier Business - Goal Setting 

Setting goals is the most important part of your business.  When you set a goal,  you provide yourself with direction. When setting a goal, it is import to have them in a place that you can reflect upon them and check them off as you achieve them.  Three places that you can set goals are: in a journal, on a vision board and voice recordings.  Choose your favorite method and begin setting your goals today!

1.) Journal
Purchase a journal. On each page of your journal,  write a new goal. Under each goal, write down how you plan to achieve that specific goal.

2.) Vision Board
Create a vision board using paper, glue and pictures or create a board digitally on your computer. On your vision board, be very specific about your anticipated achievements.  Add pictures of actual items that you want to attain, quotes that motivate you and visuals that motivate you to get to your goal. Place your vision board in a place that you can see it often.

3.) Voice Recordings
Voice recordings are a great way to set your goals. Make separate voice recordings for your goals or goals that fit into a certain category. In each recording, affirm that you will achieve that specific goal. Going back to your audio recordings to listen to your goals is a great way to meditate on your ambitions often.

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