10 Steps To a Healthier Business - Email

Your email correspondence is a part of your digital footprint as a business owner. Here are 3 tips to help you improve your email etiquette immediately!

1.) Create a signature for your email
Your email signature is a digital form of your business card. Make it easy for the person that you are corresponding with to get in contact with you. Be sure that your signature is always attached to every outgoing email.
Your signature should include the following:
• full name
• contact information (address, phone number, website).
Your signature can also consist of:
• logo
• picture
• social media handles

2.) Introductions are important
Always start your emails with an introduction. Starting with the subject line, it is important to tell your email recipient why they are receiving your email. Be sure that your subject line is clear and to the point. When beginning an email, I recommend that you address the recipient by their name each time that you correspond with them. This means that if you are having a conversation via email, you should address the recipient by their name each time. If you are sending out a general email to a recipient that you do not know, use phrases such as: “dear sir or madam” or “to whom it may concern”.

3.) Proofread your emails
Always use proper grammar when corresponding via email. Be sure to read your email before you send it. If you are not certain about the content that you are wanting to send out, refrain from sending the email until you are certain that it is appropriate to be sent.

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